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alchemistphantom: I love this blog so much lansbsshsiajanbagahatat <3 can we see some lancer posts? XD

Thanks!!! And omg I can’t believe I didn’t do any Lancer posts yet… I’ll work on it! And to all the others that sent me suggestions… Thank you soo much! I didn’t reply to them but I promise I read them all and I have plans for each and every one of them :)

If anyone has any ideas for these ghostbook posts feel free to let me know! I still have quite a few ideas but I’d hate to run out :P You can use the ask page to make requests!! :) <3

Anonymous: I agree with last anon, I've seen DP facebook in fanfics many times but this makes it 100% better :)

Ahahaha thanks!! :)) <3

Anonymous: I love this! Such an awesome concept!! XD

Thanks!! I’m glad you like it! :D

kasena-a: Big fan of the DP Facebook idea, but I've a question. Would you consider adding in other ghosts/adults anytime soon?

Yeah, of course! I’m starting it off with the kids because they’re more prominent in the show but yeah… The rest of the ghosts and the adults are definitely going to show up really soon! :)